5 Examples of Leather Shoes That Crease (Plus Fix)

It can be unpleasant when newly purchased leather shoes start to crease badly. It’s even worse when you’ve spent a considerable amount on them. Creases in leather shoes can make you look like a student, and there are many cases that this damages the shoe’s appearance.

Here Are 5 Examples of Leather Shoes That Crease:

Unfortunately most leather shoes doe crease including leather sneakers, patent leather, calfskin leather, nubuck and pigskin leather. There are ways you can prevent this from happening which will be discussed below.

If you want to know what shoes crease and the ways to stop it this writing will be beneficial for you to read through. Thanks for reading.

Different Types Of Leather Shoes That Crease

Leather shoes are crafted from a wide variety of different types of leather. Leather is a hide fro animal that have been tanned and treated.

Some products are whole grain, meaning the natural hair was used in making the product, including the outer layer of skin and all. Other products are made from splits of hides or suede. Each type of leather creases differently when put under pressure. Here are different types of leather shoes that crease.

Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers are trendy right now, but they can also be prone to creasing. Several factors play into this. First and foremost, leather sneakers are often constructed with full-grain leather, durable, and the most vital type of leather.

Full-grain leather is not sanded or buffed during production and is left in its natural state, which means it will hold creases more readily than other types of leather. Additionally, leather sneakers are usually constructed with more layers, which means more material for creases to form in.

The good news is that overall, leather sneakers tend to crease less compared to other types of leather shoes. This has to do with their construction; since the sole is rubber or canvas, there’s less pressure on the vamp than on dress shoes or boots, where the sole is made out of leather and directly attached to the upper.

It is recommended to use a shoe tree to help prevent creasing in your sneakers. A shoe tree will absorb moisture, keep your shoes shaped correctly, and help prevent wrinkles from forming in your shoes. Extra tips for keeping your sneakers looking fresh: don’t wear them two days in a row, use shoe trees whenever possible and make sure.

Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather shoes are a popular choice, but they are prone to creasing. The very nature of the material is shiny. Patent leather shoes always make a statement, and we always love them. However, the look of patent leather doesn’t last forever.

The glossy finish wears off with time and can leave ugly scratches on the shoes. A common way patent leather shoes can get ruined is by creasing. It happens because you have to bend your feet while wearing them.

Patent leather shoes are the most dressy and formal of all the different types of leather. They are usually worn for special occasions; this type of leather is not as durable as other kinds of leather. It is also prone to what is referred to as creasing.

Creasing occurs when the leather begins to wrinkle or fold around the foot area that bends the most during walking.

Calfskin Leather Shoes

Calfskin leather is a type of smooth finished lamb leather from a young domestic calf. It’s supple and yet strong as well as beautifully grained.

Calfskin is one of the most popular types of leather used for shoemaking due to its characteristics described above, such as its natural grain pattern makes it look luxurious and the smooth feeling on your skin when you wear them.

The only downside about this kind of leather is that it creases very quickly due to its thinness and softness – especially if you wear them a lot without polishing them often or taking good care of them.

Nubuck Leather Shoes

Nubuck leather shoes have a particular nap that makes them feel soft to the touch. However, their softness also makes them prone to creases and discoloration if you don’t treat them with care.

All leather naturally absorbs oil, so if your feet get sweaty while wearing nubuck shoes, they may start to break down the leather and cause creasing. Another thing that can cause nubuck leather shoes to crease is dampness. When it rains, snow, or gets humid, you are more likely to see wrinkles in your shoes.

Leather that is exposed to water will dry out and wrinkle. It’s important not to wear your nubuck leather shoes in the rain or snow unless you plan on waterproofing them thoroughly beforehand.

The best way to prevent your nubuck leather shoes from creasing is by cleaning and conditioning them regularly. This will help restore moisture in the material and maintain its shape and smoothness. If you notice any creases after cleaning, you should change your way of cleaning.

Pigskin Leather Shoes

Pigskin leather is often used in casual shoes and boots.

Although it is solid and durable leather, it is not as resistant to wear and tear as other types of leather. It is also very soft and pliable, making it very comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, the softness of the pigskin leather makes it susceptible to creasing and water damage.

Even if you take good care of your pigskin leather shoes, they are likely to crease due to the nature of the leather. However, the creases should not be deep or noticeable. If you get deep creases on your pigskin leather shoes, you should consult with a professional shoe repair shop.

Ways To Get Creases Out Of Leather Shoes

Getting creases out of leather shoes is not that difficult if you remove them before they become permanent. We’ll often leave our shoes in a bag or some other dark place where the creases are concealed. Here are some ways how to get creases out of leather shoes

Blow Dry

One of the most common ways to remove creases is to use a blow dryer.

It works so well because when you heat leather, it causes the material to become more pliable, which makes it easier to get creases out. To do this, turn your blow dryer on its lowest setting, and run it back and forth over the leather until it is hot enough that you can push out the wrinkles.

You can also use a hair straightener on a low setting to do this. Clamp the hair straightener over the crease, and move it over the area until the crease disappears. Just like with a blow dryer, be sure not to leave the hair straightener on for too long as this could cause damage to your shoes.


The first step in this method is taking a hairdryer and turning it on high heat. You will want to direct the hot air over the creases where you want to remove them.

Next, you will need to place a damp towel or cloth over the creases and use an iron on low heat over the towel or cloth. The steam from the towel or cloth will help remove the creases, but be careful not to burn yourself with the hot iron.

The trick is to keep turning over the towel and using it in multiple spots to avoid getting it too wet. This process takes time, so make sure you have about 30 minutes for each shoe.

Use Hot Towel Method

It would be best to prepare the shoes by removing dirt, laces, and rubber soles. Apply your moisturizer evenly on the entire shoe. Use a soft cloth or cotton swab to apply it to the creases in your shoes. If you use a liquid moisturizing solution, spray it evenly across the shoes.

After applying the moisturizer, cover the shoe with a hot towel. You can use a tea towel or even a regular towel to cover the shoes. You can also use a hairdryer to heat the towel if needed.

You need to ensure that you don’t apply too much heat directly on your shoes as this might damage them. Keep checking on your shoes after every 30 minutes and reapply the hot towels when needed until you notice that the creases have disappeared from your shoes. After this, allow your shoes to dry before wearing them again.

Leather Oil

Leather shoes can be an elegant, beautiful addition to your wardrobe, but they can also show creases and wrinkles that you don’t want. Luckily, with a bit of Leather Oil and some elbow grease, you can remove those creases from your leather shoes and get them back to looking their best.

You can find Leather Oil at most drug stores or online. It’s not expensive, but it’s definitely worth the investment if you care about your leather shoes and want them to look their best!

Dip a cotton pad in the oil. Use a cotton pad to dab into the oil and apply it to your leather shoes. Don’t use too much-just a little goes a long way. Rub on leather shoes to remove the crease.

Rub the oil over the parts of your shoes with creases or wrinkles, and watch them disappear. Your leather shoes will look good as new once they’ve been treated with Leather Oil.

Wrapping Up

With new leather shoes, creases tend to show up, which can cause you some actual discomfort in the long run. The key to avoiding this problem is to be aware of those areas in which creasing will likely occur, and then you can think of ways to prevent it before the creasing occurs.

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