9 Reasons Why Choosing A Leather Phone Case Is A Good Idea

Leather phone cases are a super idea for your next phone. With so many different types of phones out there, it is great to have the choice of so many phone cases.

Here Is Why Leather Phone Cases Are A Good Idea:

Leather phone cases are better than other materials as they are waterproof, better protection than plastic, stronger than silicone, have a excellent grip, long lasting, less dirty and better than plastic.

Through out this article we are going to discuss why you should buy a leather phone case over other materials including plastic and silicone, also going through 9 positive benefits of owning a leather phone case.

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a. Waterproof

Leather is waterproof because of the following reason:

Before stitching, the pieces of leather are treated with special waterproofing liquids. During manufacturing leather absorbs this liquid like a dry sponge would absorb water. Leather is actually hydrophobic meaning it repels water so even though water may get onto the surface of your phone case if you do not wipe it off right away, it will simply bead and roll off and your phone will stay dry.

Also, the leather is tightly stitched together with waxed thread, which makes it watertight. Waxing thread before stitching is an old traditional way to waterproof seams. Waxed thread doesn’t absorb any liquid, it only lets it go through but since the other parts of leather are treated with liquids, water will never reach your device inside the case.

Benefits of a waterproof phone case:

1. Your phone is protected from water damage.

The leather is very tightly stitched. So, even if you drop your phone in water, it will stay dry and safe inside the case. With most silicone cases, phones will be wet and damaged. The only way to protect your phone from water damage with a silicone case is to buy a waterproof silicone case, but it is very expensive and will cost more than the leather case.

2. You can use your device even if it falls into water.

If you drop your phone in the pool, sea or any other body of water you simply pick it up without any worries that it would be damaged. A leather case will save your device from liquid damage.

b. Better Protection

Leather is a much tougher material than any other non-metallic case that protects your phone from both daily wear and tear and sudden accidents. It can better protect your device from drops, scratches, scuffs, splashes of water, etc.

The reasons why leather is stronger than silicone or synthetic case are:

Due to stitching leather covers a larger surface area, which makes it more resistant to cracks and scratches. Leather is thicker than any other non-metallic case so it can better protect your device from sudden falls or hits. The thickness of the phone case also helps absorb shocks because of the things inside your pocket or things you put inside the case.

With a leather case, your device is better protected from water damage. Leather absorbs minimal liquid and doesn’t let it go inside the phone where it can cause damage. The seams of a leather case are tightly sewn together with waxed thread, which makes it even more resistant to water.

c. Better Quality

Leather is a product of organic material which means that no two pieces are exactly alike so every phone case has its own unique patterns and shades. The natural surface texture makes every leather product special, just like our fingerprints are. It also comes in thousands of different colours and shades which you can choose depending on your mood.

Leather is also much more pleasant to touch than plastic or silicone cases. It has a soft, warm texture that always smells good because the natural material absorbs the oil from our hands and this makes it take in our scent. You can also use saddle soap to clean and maintain your leather case.

When you have a better quality phone case, you look classy and a sense of self-respect and pride heightens. You will always want to carry a phone in a higher quality case that matches your personality. You will be proud to use it.

Also, a better quality case will outlast its synthetic and plastic competitors. This is because it is stitched together with waxed thread, not glued or molded together. This makes it stronger and more durable. It will also last longer which means that you won’t have to buy a new case for your device.

d. Stronger than Silocone

Silicone is a synthetic material which means that it is not natural and it contains additives that make the material harder. Silicone is actually made of plastic polymers that are compressed together to give them a sturdy structure. The process also makes silicone stronger but longer exposure to heat damages the molecules causing them to crumble over time.

Silicone case gets dirty more quickly and it absorbs sweat which makes them smell bad after a while. The reason why silicone cases don’t last long is because of the fact that they are exposed to heat more often than leather phone cases. Leather is not exposed directly to heat so it doesn’t lose its shape or strength.

Silicone attracts dust and dirt more quickly than leather cases. Silicone is a non-porous material so it can’t absorb or have moisture inside. This means that the only way for dirt to leave is onto your device which can get quite annoying after a while.

Silicone also crack or break more easily. Silicone is not as strong as leather and it can break after a few falls. The seams of silicone cases are glued and molded together which means that they don’t last long.

Therefore, leather is a much better choice since it can protect your device from drops, scratches, scuffs, and other damages. Leather also has a good grip so it won’t slip out of your hands as easily as silicone cases do. It wards off dirt and sweat because leather is thicker.

Leather would be the best option for you if you want to have a phone case that will look classy and have good protection for your device. Leather cases are more expensive than their counterparts but they are stronger, longer-lasting, and of better quality.

e. Good Grip:

The natural material that makes up the leather also gives you a better grip on your phone. Unlike plastic, smooth polymers, leather has ridges and grooves which make it easier to grasp in your hand. Since it’s naturally textured, there’s less chance of losing grip on your phone when you’re using the case.

The reason why the leather case has a good grip is that it has better friction with your hand. This is because of the textured surface of the leather case. Also, it is made up of organic material which means that there is always a slight variation in each product. This way it can never feel exactly the same as another one.

Having a phone with a good grip means that you won’t drop it as easily if you’re walking or running. It doesn’t matter how expensive your phone is, every device gets damaged every now and then. A leather case will help you protect your equipment from some of those common accidents like slipping or dropping on wet surfaces such as the bathroom floor.

f. Long Lasting:

Leather phone cases are often more expensive than other types but they’re worth every penny because of their durability.

Leather cases last longer than any other non-metallic case because it is made up of natural material which means that no two pieces are exactly alike. That’s why every leather product has its own unique texture and pattern, even if it’s similar they’re never identical. The durability is also a result of the sewing process because the stitching is stronger than gluing two parts together.

Having a long-lasting phone case means you won’t have to buy another one every few months. It is worth it because leather cases are affordable while still giving you the protection you need for your device.

g. Less Dirty

Leather is much less dirty than other types of the case because it doesn’t absorb sweat like silicone or plastic. It also doesn’t rub off on your clothes. All you need to do to keep the phone clean is wipe it with a damp cloth, if necessary. You can also use saddle soap to make the case smell good again.

Using a leather conditioner will keep your case clean and beautiful for years. This will prevent dust, dirt, sweat, oil, and chemicals from degrading the leather exterior of your phone case. Using a conditioner every few weeks or months will extend the life of your case by preventing any further damage to it.

h. Better Quality than Plastic:

Leather is of better quality than plastic because it doesn’t come apart as easily. When leather cases are made, one piece of leather is folded into the case to make a protective layer. This is then covered with another layer of material that can be sued for decoration or protection from liquids and other chemicals.

Leather phone cases tend to look better over time because they don’t wear out as easily. If you buy a leather case, it will most likely look better after a year than your plastic case.

i. Better Quality than Synthetic:

Leather is better quality than synthetic because it lasts longer and comes with more variety of design options. Synthetic leather is just thin sheets of material that are laminated together to make the case. It’s not real leather because it’s made of polyurethane which is a man-made material that isn’t natural.

Synthetic leather doesn’t have the same appeal as leather because it’s not made from organic material. Since synthetic products are made in a factory, they’re all going to be very similar and can’t be customized.

Synthetic leather doesn’t have the same appeal as leather because it’s not made from organic material. Since synthetic products are made in a factory, they’re all going to be very similar and can’t be customized.

Overall, leather phone cases are a great investment because they offer better protection than other types of cases, come in many different styles and colours, and last longer. They’re also less dirty and absorb sweat less than other materials like plastic or silicone. If you’re looking for a long-lasting case that will keep your device safe from accidents, then a leather case is the best option available.

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