9 Leathers Dubbin Can Be Used On (Plus What To Avoid)

Dubbin is a extremely well known and popular brand of shoe polish, but did you know it can be used for lots of different leather items?

Here Are 9 Leather Items Dubbin Can Be Used On:

Leather can get really dry and tired looking (and even crack if left too long), so this is why you need a leather conditioner and a brand that is suitable to be used is Dubbin.

You can used Dubbin on Leather shoes, boots, jackets, belts, sofas, wallets, handbags, gloves and leather pants. But you should avoid using it on any Suede or Nubuck leather items that contain fur or short fur. This is the short answer!

Below we have listed all of the items that you can use Dubbin on (including some well known brands) and the reasons why you can’t use Dubbin on Suede or Nubuck. Thanks for reading.

Leathers Dubbin Can Be Used On

Leather dubbing wax, more commonly known as ‘dubbin’, is a type of wax used to care for leather and keep it in the best condition possible. It works to condition, moisturise and waterproof leather products, protecting them from damage and keeping the material as soft and supple as possible. This game-changing wax is the perfect care product for use on a variety of different leather products, as listed below.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are one of the most typical leather products that dubbin is used to maintain. This is because leather jackets are exposed to a lot of general wear and tear, including changing weather conditions, stretching and different environments. As a result, it is easy for the material of the jacket to become brittle, scratched, or misshapen, but this does spoil its appearance.

Dubbin works to keep the jacket feeling soft and looking shiny, which will make it more attractive to wear. The softer your leather jacket, the more comfortable it will be too, especially if you moisturise the sleeves to keep them from creasing up. Dubbin is also an excellent way to give your jacket a waterproof layer and protect it from getting damaged if it starts to rain.

Leather Sofa

A leather sofa is an expensive investment, so you’ll want to keep it looking as good as the day you bought it. Dubbin is a great way to keep your leather sofa full of moisture because if the material starts to dry out, it can crack and peel. Once your sofa has started to peel, it is a lot harder to restore the leather, so using dubbin to soften it regularly will make a huge difference.

Conditioning your leather sofa with dubbin could also help it to preserve its colour and prevent fading, and having some additional waterproofing will provide resistance against any accidental spillages. Just like any other leather product, you need to keep your sofa hydrated and moisturised, otherwise general use will cause damage to it.

Leather Boots

Leather boots are usually much tougher and more durable than other leather products, but dubbin is also extremely useful for them. Just like a jacket, your boots need to be comfortable to wear, so you can use dubbin to soften them. Moisturising the material is also a great way to fight back against scuffs and scratches.

Dubbin can be used for the below brands being:
Doc Martins
RM Williams

Even better, you only need to use a little bit of dubbin on your boots to care for them, so it’s a simple maintenance process. A water-resistant external layer will make your boots even more durable, while also keeping the material breathable and comfortable to wear. Dubbin is the best way to rejuvenate the appearance of older boots and keep them practical at the same time.

Leather Gloves

Because they’re worn on the hands, leather gloves experience a lot of friction, contact and different surfaces throughout the day. As a result, they can become stiff, scratched and faded, especially if you wear them often in very cold or wet weather. A little bit of dubbin will go a long way on your gloves, giving them the moisture that they need to stay soft and wearable.

Keeping the gloves soft will stop them from creasing or cracking as they bend to the movements of your hands and fingers. It will also keep them in their worn-in condition, preventing them from stiffening up. Dubbin is the only maintenance product that you need to use when caring for your leather gloves because it is much gentler than harsher chemicals or a washing machine.

Leather Bags

Just like sofas, leather bags are also a pricey investment that you’ll want to protect from damage, especially because they are usually made with softer, more attractive leathers. Dubbin will nourish leather bags, allowing them to retain their original colour and softness. However, it is only advisable to do this if your bag is made of real leather.

With dubbin, this real leather will stay looking shiny and supple, with a waterproof sheen to give it some extra resistance when you take it out and about. The better protected your bag is, the longer it will last. It will also look better because dubbin provides an invisible external barrier against scratches and peeling, which can occur when the material becomes too dry.

Leather Belts

You might not think that you need to maintain a leather belt, but if you don’t, you’ll notice a huge decline in its quality. Being wrapped tightly around your waist everyday means that leather belts commonly lose their colour, their shape and their original design. However, dubbin can help by conditioning the material, allowing it to wrap less stiffly around you.

Leather belts also commonly crease, which can cause bits of leather to flake off over time. Dubbin will help your belt to resist this problem, giving it a longer lifespan. It will also stop dirt from clinging to the creases in the belt, making it more pleasant to wear on a daily basis.

Leather Pants

Leather pants are a statement fashion piece, so anyone who owns them will know the importance of preserving them. Every time you put them on, leather pants will stretch slightly to mold to your body, which puts a bit of strain on the material. The more that leather stretches, the more likely it is to fade and misshape.

Dubbin can help you to protect your leather pants and also give them an extra shine. It is also an excellent defence against stains, spillages, dirt, and anything else that might accumulate on the material throughout the day. As leather pants are so delicate, dubbin is the perfect care product to replenish them and keep them as clean as all your other clothes.

Leather Shoes

Like leather boots, other leather shoes are typically quite durable and protected, but it’s still common for them to become scuffed and dirty, especially if you wear them regularly. The waterproofing effects of dubbin are great for shoes because, despite their resistance, they can end up soaking up a lot of liquid throughout the day.

But even if you just choose dubbin for its conditioning properties, it will still work wonders to hydrate the leather and make unappealing creases less prominent. Having shoes that fit comfortably to your feet is an absolute must, which can be achieved by applying dubbin to them on a regular basis. You’ll be able to get more wear out of your shoes with this increased level of care.

Leather Wallets

Wallets are everyday products that we don’t typically think about caring for, but they are very important and go through a lot, especially due to friction in our hands, bags and pockets. As a result, the leather can start to fade and thin, making it more likely that the items inside will get lost or damaged. Applying some dubbin every now and then to keep the material supple will work wonders in helping your wallet stay soft and in shape.

Some people spend a lot of money on nice leather wallets, so their appearance is as important as their function. A waxy protective layer of dubbin will make your wallet stronger and less likely to become damaged due to frequent friction and handling. You’ll be able to leave it in your pocket or bag for hours without worrying about it getting completely dried out or scratched up.

Items Not Suitable For Dubbin

Nubuck Leather

Unfortunately, you can’t use dubbin on every type of leather, and nubuck leather is one of those. Though nubuck leather is strong, dubbin has the potential to cause staining or warp its shape, which would ruin the look of your nubuck products. Nubuck is liable to darken if wax is applied to it, which a lot of people won’t like on their lighter leathers.

However, there are sprays and other care products designed specifically for use on nubuck leather, so you’ll still be able to look after it. Make sure that you buy a product marketed for nubuck, otherwise you could end up altering its appearance. Some of these products are also great for waterproofing, so you won’t need to worry about nubuck shoes, for example, getting damaged whenever you wear them.

Suede Leather

As with nubuck leather, dubbin isn’t recommended for use on suede leather because the oily nature of the product can cause undoable damage. Suede is quite a durable material, but it isn’t as tough as other types, so it’s always better not to risk using a product like dubbin on it.

Instead, do the same as for nubuck leather and find a care product marketed specifically for suede leather. This will allow you to moisturise, condition and waterproof your suede leather products without compromising their look or feel. In fact, the signature smooth feel of suede leather will only be improved by regular care, so you’ll be able to enjoy your suede products to their fullest!

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