3 Easy Steps To Clean A White Leather Watch Band (Explained)

Leather watch bands are always challenging to wash, but especially if it is white in colour! White always shows dirt and grime more than any other colour.

Here Are Three Steps To Clean A White Leather Watch Band:

The three easiest ways to clean a white band is to:

Oil/Vinegar Method
Castille Soap and Water Method
Baking Soda/Borax Method

All methods will be explained below, with easy to follow steps. Thanks for reading.

Best Ways To Clean White Leather Watch Band

Keeping a white leather watchband looking new and clean can be challenging. White leather is more susceptible to stains and discoloration, but you can keep your watch band looking new with proper cleaning.

There are many ways to clean your white leather watchband, depending on the severity of the stain or discoloration. Ways you can clean your leather:

Lighter Cleaning: If you want a quick fix for a slightly dirty white leather watchband, try using some nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Use a cotton ball or Q-tip to dab the liquid onto the dirty spots. This is especially effective if the stains are minor and not very old. You can also use this method to remove any remaining color left behind by using permanent markers or dyes on your white leather watchband.
Using hydrogen peroxide: Try using hydrogen peroxide to remove any stains or discolorations from your white leather watchband. Dab some onto a color and let it sit for about 15 minutes. If the paint is terrible, you may need to repeat this process several times until all discolorations are removed. Using vinegar will also help remove stains and discoloration from your white leather watchband.
Clean by hand: A white leather watchband should be lightly cleaned with a soft cloth. Avoid scrubbing the watch band as this may damage the material. If your watch band gets dirty, wipe it down with a cloth and some water or rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt buildup. You can also use a mild soap if needed.
Clean using a washing machine: While this method isn’t ideal, it may be necessary when handwashing doesn’t remove all of the dirt from your white leather watchband. First, detach the watch face from the band and place both pieces in a mesh bag or pillowcase. Wash on cold with mild soap and air dry afterward to prevent staining or other damage caused by heat drying in a dryer.
Soft cloth: This is the most common way of cleaning leather watch bands. All you need to do is get a soft cloth. You can use a cotton cloth, a microfiber cloth, or any other soft material. With the help of the fabric, you can easily clean the band. Just ensure that you are not using an abrasive item to clean the bar. This can damage it and leave it vulnerable to damage in the future.
Mild soap solution: The following way to clean your watch band is by using a mild soap solution. For this, all you need is water and a mild detergent. You can also use shampoo or body wash for cleaning purposes. Mix a few drops of these liquids with water and dip your watch band into it. Use a soft brush like an old toothbrush and clean the bar. Please do not use any other cleaning agents as they may damage your watch band.

A white leather watchband is a perfect band for a classic timepiece. It is groomed to complement plain and straightforward outfits, and it is a popular choice for formal events.

Due to the light color, white leather needs a dedicated cleaning approach, including regular cleaning and conditioning. These tips will help keep your white leather watchband looking as good as new. Here are some of the best ways to clean a white leather watch band.

Oil/Vinegar Method

When it comes to white leather, you need to be particularly careful and gentle when cleaning. The first step is to wipe the white leather band with a dry, soft cloth to remove any dirt on the surface. Next, mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bowl. Soak a soft cotton cloth in the solution, then wring out the excess liquid.

Gently dab at any stains on your watch band using this cloth. Using a different soft fabric, dampen it in clean water and gently wipe down your watch band to remove any vinegar residue. You can use an old toothbrush for tougher stains. Afterward, let your watch band air dry before wearing it again or putting it back into storage. Here are the materials needed when cleaning white leather with the Oil/Vinegar method:

1/4 cup white vinegar
• 1/4 cup olive oil
• A small bowl
• Cotton cloths or paper towels
• A clean, soft toothbrush

Here are steps to undergo when cleaning white leather with the oil/vinegar method:

Combine the vinegar and olive oil in a bowl. Stir them together well.
• Dip your cloth into the mixture and wring it out so that it is damp but not soaked. Wipe down your watch band with the fabric, taking care to push it into any crevices or textured areas of the leather.
• If you have some filthy spots on your band, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in the mixture to scrub them gently.
• Allow the mixture to stand for five minutes on the surface before wiping it off with another clean cloth or paper towel.

Castile Soap and Water Method

White leather watch bands can be some of the most beautiful accessories a person can own. The problem is, they are also some of the dirtiest. It will probably look pristine and clean when you first get a white leather watchband.

Soon after you start wearing it, the color may appear slightly off-white or even yellow in some places. You will notice this, especially if you wear it outside daily. Over time, white leather watch bands will begin to show stains and other marks that make them look unsightly. Many people don’t realize how dirty their white leather watchband is until they start cleaning it!

Here are steps to follow when washing with the Castile soap and water method:

• Take a soft cloth or cotton ball and dip it in the solution of warm water and Castile soap.
• Now gently rub the leather band with the solution, ensuring that you reach all the nooks and crannies of the band.
• Once you are done, let your watch air dry for about 20-30 minutes.
• Once it has dried up completely, use a soft cloth to shine your watch.
• Soak a cotton ball in this solution for about 5 minutes.
• Use this cotton ball to wipe your watch strap.
• If you still feel that there is excess dirt, then add baking soda over it. Now scrub gently till the land is obliterated.
• Rinse off with water and let it dry up naturally.

White leather is a beautiful material, but it can be tricky to maintain. Stains and dirt can easily mar your look when wearing white leather, but the good news is that you can keep your leather goods looking as good as new with proper care.

Baking Soda/Borax Method

Pour equal parts baking soda and borax into a small bowl. Add enough water to create a thick paste and stir until thoroughly combined.

Dip a toothbrush into the mixture and gently scrub the leather with small circles. Use a moistened microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining residue, then allow the band to air-dry completely before wearing it again. Some people assume that a white leather watchband must be cleaned with expensive proprietary cleaners. This isn’t true! To clean your white leather watchband, you’ll need only a few everyday household items.

Here are steps to follow when cleaning with the baking soda/borax method:

Fill a small bowl with warm water.
• Add baking soda or borax to the water, mixing until it forms a thick paste.
• Dip your toothbrush into the paste and gently scrub at the leather strap until it is spotless.
• Allow the watchband time to dry before using it again.

The biggest concern with cleaning white leather watch bands is the risk of color transfer. Because different types of leather can react differently to cleaners and dyes, your safest bet is to opt for a homemade cleaning solution that won’t be overly harsh on the leather.

What To Avoid

The first thing to understand about white leather watch bands is that all leathers are different, and therefore, not all white leathers are the same. Some are more porous or have a different finish than others. So before you attempt to clean your white leather watchband, here are some things you should avoid.


The most commonly used household products that contain ammonia are glass cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and drain cleaners. It is also found in many household cleaning products that claim to be “natural” or “green.”

When you clean a watch band with bleach or ammonia, these chemicals are left on the bar, and when the band gets wet (with sweat, for example), the chemicals turn into gas and come in contact with your skin. This can cause a mild rash and a severe chemical burn at worst.


Bleach is a potent chemical that can remove stains from virtually any material. The problem with using it to clean your white leather watchband is that it can also remove the color from your band.

In most cases, you will use bleach to clean things like white clothing or other household items, and those items are typically made of a different material than your watch band. If you are in a pinch and need to get rid of a stain on your white leather watchband quickly, you may decide that you want to try using bleach. If so, be sure only to use a small amount and dilute it with water before attempting to clean the stain.

How to get Yellow Stains Out of My White Leather Watch Band?

Pheomelanin’s pigment causes the yellow stain on your watch band. This pigment makes skin darker, but it’s also found in foods like berries and mustard. Some people are allergic to this pigment, which causes the stain on their watch band. To remove the yellow staining from your watch band, you’ll need to use a product that contains bleach.

Bleach is an oxidizing agent and will break down the chemical bonds between molecules in pheomelanin. The best bleaching product for leather is hydrogen peroxide because it’s less harsh than chlorine bleach and won’t damage the grain of your leather (if used correctly). Here are some tips for using hydrogen peroxide on your watch band:

Remove any dirt or debris from your leather with a damp cloth before applying bleach because dirt can scratch the surface of your leather.
• Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water, then apply this mixture directly onto stains using an eyedropper or cotton swill.

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