7 Types Of Leather That Coach Uses (Explained)

Coach is such a great famous brand, known for their luxurious bags and garments. Coach is based in New York and sells all around the world in capital cities. But what types of leather does Coach use to produce their bags?

Here Are 7 Types Of Leather That Coach Uses In Their Goods:

Suede Leather:
Crocodile: more exotic leather
Faux Leather: The vegan option

All of the above leathers are used year in and year out in all coaches bags and leather goods.

Below we speak about how Coach uses the above types of leather and faux leather to produce their bags, and some information about where the products are manufactured.

Types Of Leather That Coach Uses


Coaches use Suede leather because they want to provide a product that is not only durable and aesthetically-pleasing but also one that appeals to the masses. The first time people touch Suede leather, it might give them pause because it feels soft and fuzzy.

However, this is what makes Coach customers love the material so much. It is not just a durable material that will last through multiple seasons but also has an added comfort layer for those who use it. The more you wear your product made of suede leather, the more comfortable it becomes with age.

Since this material is so soft and gentle, it will not only be appealing to fans of Coach products but also to those who are not. The reason is that Suede leather will appeal to many consumers. The softness that helps make up this material allows it appeals to men and women alike.

Coach’s business model is built on the fact that they want as many people to be able to get their hands on their product as possible. Suede leather helps them do exactly that because the average person can wear their handbags without having anyone see that they are wearing a Coach purse or bag.


Cowhide is comprised mainly of cow’s hide but can also include horsehide and deer hide if needed. It is the most used leather in the fashion industry. Coach, for example, uses it to create several different handbags, including their popular messenger bags and suitcases.

The Coach company uses Crocodile leather because it is incredibly durable. The material lasts a long time and does not crack or tear easily, allowing you to care for your leather bag for a long time. This leather means that these bags are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Because of its natural look, the Coach company uses this type of material to make furniture that feels good on your feet and office furniture.

Additionally, Crocodile leather takes a very long time to tan properly – this means that other animal skins are often used in place of the skin from this specific animal.

This type of leather is costly and can therefore be seen as a luxury material. This type of leather also has staying power, which allows the bags to last even longer. That means that the Coach company uses this material to make premier pieces that are meant to have timeless appeal.


Each Coach bag and accessory is made of the finest materials, Italian vegetable-tanned leather, or embroidered silks from France. You will find Coach’s signature supple cowhide leather in products ranging from our purse collections to luggage and totes for travel. It is what makes every product durable, luxurious, and timelessly chic.

Coach uses only cowhides that it believes to be the best in the world, eyeing them for things like thickness, uniformity, and natural markings. The leather is tanned, then dyed using vegetable-based pigments instead of petroleum. After these processes are complete, a final coating of beeswax adds a sheen to the finished product.

Faux Leather

When it comes to Coach bags, it’s not just the inside of the bag that’s like a second skin. Faux leather is something that Coach uses on the outside as well! It allows for a smoother surface, which allows for less bulk. The overall look is more refined and sleeker.

Faux leather does not limit your options regarding what you can carry in your purse; you can have as many things as you’d like. Faux leather is also lightweight, so there is less bulk to carry around. This goes perfect with slim-line waists and small hands (think petite-sized women).

Another bonus of using faux leather is that it is more durable than real leather. It doesn’t dry out and cracks, so you can use your bag for years to come!

Faux leather is great for Coach because it provides a material similar in texture to real leather but at a much lower cost. It is also lightweight and makes for great material on the outside of their bags because it is sleeker and smooth-looking than real leather.

It does not matter if you are looking to purchase your first Coach bag or looking for the latest fashion trend – faux versions are easy to find at many online shops or lower-end department stores.

Coach has been a driving force in synthetic leather, which has allowed them to come out with even better and more fashionable pieces. The great news is that this trendy material comes at an affordable price. So you can have just as much purse for half the cost!


When people think about snakeskin, they see a rough and skin-shredding exterior that is distasteful, but this is not always the case. Some people take care to preserve these tough, waxy scales by covering them in layers of high-quality leather.

Coach company makes their high-end handbags out of this type of leather because it has significant resistance against sunlight and dirt while maintaining heat retention properties better than other types. This leather keeps their bags stylish and in good shape for prolonged periods.

Coach has been using snakeskin for over a century, and it has been their go-to material for handbags of all shapes, sizes, and styles. They use it because it looks classy and has a smooth, shiny finish and a slight veining look which adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of their high-end bags.

Coach makes various clutch bags with different colors and designs, but some of their most popular designs have snakeskin leather on the body, while others have snakeskin sitting behind the bag’s flap.

Pig Leather

Pig leather is made from a process of removing all the hair, fat, and keratin from a pig’s skin. The result is a supple and pliable leather with an outstanding feel.

Pigskins are very similar in composition to human skin, so when used as the natural material in basketball shoes, they can help reduce injury risk by absorbing shock and distributing the pressure evenly across the entire foot. Coach has embraced this type of labor to produce their iconic designs on premium quality products.

Here is a great article we did on how pigskin is good

Where Does Coach Produce Their Leather Goods?

Coach produces some of the most popular products on the market today.

From their line of leather goods to their high-end handbags, to their boots and handbags, there is no doubt that Coach gets the job done where fashion is concerned. These fantastic items are made in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines using various methods.

However, you never know much about where a particular product was produced beyond what it says on the label.

There are a few different places where Coach produces their well-known products. Almost all of the leather goods are produced in China, while a small amount is produced in Italy.

The main headquarters for Coach is located in New York, so most of the items will be produced there. Most of the leather pieces are made from full-grain leather tanned in Italy and then sent to China or Vietnam for the final assembly processes (such as hardware and stitching).

Some items are sent back to Chinese factories for better quality control inspections. Other than that, most items are made with pretty poor quality materials, including synthetic materials for cheaper handbag lines and vinyl for other product lines.


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