7 Ways Dubbin Is Good For Leather (Plus How To Use)

Dubbin is a brand that most people have heard of, and is used by millions of people each day on all sorts of leather goods as a conditioner.

Here Are 7 Ways Dubbin Is Good For Leather:

Leather needs conditioning full stop. Dubbin is a good choice for the below reasons-
Good Ingredients

A Great Conditioner
Waterproofs Leather
Softens Leather
Protects against dirt and stains
Doesn’t rot the stitching on leather
Can be used on oiled leather clothing and hats

If you want to know the ways Dubbin can be used on your leather, then read below. We have put together this article with all the facts about dubbin and why it does work on leather and used around the world.

Why Is Dubbin Good For Leather


Dubbin is a mixture of high-quality oils and waxes combined with various animal fats. It also contains additional ingredients, including:

The ingredients in the formula include:

Beeswax-Softens and strengthens leather. The best part about the beeswax ingredient is that it does not leave behind any buildup or residue like other wax forms, making it super easy to clean and use.

Borax-To help deodorize the air, keeping it fresh and always smelling good-no, more unpleasant chemical smells from your storage bags or items. Plus, this helps keep down mold on your items by keeping their moisture content healthy. You can tell if your leather was treated with this material because it won’t have any odor.

Sugar-Sugar helps to deodorize your leather naturally. That helps your leather maintain naturally breathable air, keeping humidity and air fresh.

Citric Acid-This ingredient makes the leather feel silky soft, and smooth. It is also great at helping fade stains, so it is good to use on items that have already been stained in the past. Also, it will naturally keep items moist since it helps to lock moisture right into the fibers.

Lanolin- Lanolin helps keep your leather nice, soft, and pliable. Here is a great article we did on Lanolin for leather.

Mineral Oil-Helps improve leather’s water-resistant qualities, keeping it clean and fresh. It also helps keep the leather pliable and flexible while keeping it moisturized.

Neem Oil- Neem oil is a powerful natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold, and anti-yeast ingredient that makes your items smell good and stay that way. It is also an intriguing product to use on surfaces, including knives, guns, fishing equipment, or anything else you might be cleaning with chemical cleaners for sensitive people or those with allergies.

Leather Honey-This ingredient helps to nourish and moisturize your leather while adding an extra layer of protection. It also helps to keep it flexible, so your items will resist cracking, peeling, and crumbling as much.

Distilled Water-This is added as a carrier solvent for the other ingredients. Every ingredient in this blend comes with a purpose to be sure that your items are getting the care and attention they need, especially since Dubbin is free from any harsh chemicals or solvents like alcohol or acetone.

Manufacturers of Dubbin know that they have made a superior product when they know that it is all-natural, so they don’t add any artificial colors, fragrances, or dyes. That is especially important when you think of how much time you spend with your leather items. You might not think of them as often as your iPad or cell phone, but those are not used the same way as your leather products are.

Once Dubbin dries on leather, it protects and polishes the leather by providing an additional outer layer. It also establishes a waterproof barrier that hinders water from coming into contact with the leather’s surface and helps to repel dirt.

Even if natural oils like rain come into contact with the dubbin coating, they can’t penetrate through the toughened exterior to damage the animal skin underneath.

Good Leather Conditioner

Dubbin is a good leather conditioner, making it the best for your leather. It has many ingredients mixed in that are needed to make it effective and keep your leather environment fresh.

The ingredients work together to create an airy, healthy, living ecosystem in which no harmful bacteria can grow. That could mean that harmful bacteria are trying to build up in the area where you also use storage bags or other materials with potential contamination like holes, tears, or folds. That makes Dubbin a great solution if you have smelled your leather stinking.

Waterproofs The Leather

Dubbin waterproofs the leather by making a barrier between the water and the leather fibers, preventing water from sinking into the material, much like how oil repels water from surfaces.

Dubbin is made from wax and contains other compounds that protect leather fibers and seal the leather from water. The wax component of Dubbin allows the material to be flexible and enables it to attach to the leather fibers. Dubbin has to be applied before the leather dries for it to work because once it is dry, the water will have already sunk into the leather.

After applying Dubbin, you can easily wipe off any excess if you mess up your item by ensuring that your item is completely dry before wiping down any area with Dubbin. Dubbin dries slowly, allowing you plenty of time to plan what area of your project you want to be coated while allowing the material enough time to dry properly.

A good dubbin will be made of pure oils that penetrate deeply into hides, helping to create a natural water repellant surface on both sides of the leather. Even if your leather boots are wet on one side, they will dry out and not remain damp on the inside. It also helps to preserve any delicate colors in your suede or nubuck while making them more resistant to wear.

Softens The Leather

If you have a leather item made of a certain grade of leather, you may be using Dubbin, which only softens the leather. That is because different grades of leather have other characteristics.

Softening makes your item more comfortable and less likely to crack. In some cases, softening the material might cause cracking, which is why it is essential to use protective measures such as Dubbin to protect the item you want to keep in good shape.

If you cannot find any Dubbin that has been specially made for making a particular item, you can use an oil to soften up the surface of your item instead. Oil-based leather conditioner will do just as good as Dubbin, if not better.

Protects Against Dirt And Stains

If you want to protect your leather shoes from the elements, Dubbin is a great option! It does better than shoe polish because Dubbin penetrates deep into the leather. Dubbin also provides protection against water, salt, and dirt that can cause discoloration and corrosion in your leather.

That’s not all; if you happen to get any stains on your shoes because of outside sources like grease or food, it’s far easier to clean off with Dubbin than shoe polish.

Doesn’t Rot Stitching On Leather Goods

Dubbin is made from beeswax, aniline dye, and petroleum by products. These petroleum-based chemicals help the wax resist mold and bacteria and hold its shape during use. A coat of Dubbin or a tiny amount of wax will keep your shoes or jackets in good condition. You should consider not using Dubbin if a manufacturer’s instructions tell you not to use it.

Can Be Used On Oiled Leather

Dubbin can be used on oiled leather, making it stiff and Good For Leather. Because it is oily, it will nourish the leather and, at the same time, make it more waterproof. You can try this by rubbing Dubbin in until absorbed or by first applying a layer of Dubbin before applying your favorite polish.

Dubbin can be used to remove unpleasant odors from brown leather boots, shoes, or gloves. You can wipe these areas with a cloth or brush with a small amount of Dubbin. The Dubbin will neutralize the odor and leave your leather smelling fresh and new.

How To Apply Dubbin On Leather Shoes/Boots/Jackets?

Step 1: Cleaning Leather Goods

The first step is constantly cleaning before applying any product!

Dirt and oil can contaminate the surface, so make sure you give them a good wipe down before proceeding with this guide. You can clean your leather goods with a mild detergent and warm water to get them squeaky clean, or you can use products like Endust for a quick wipe-down. No matter which steps you choose, restoring the original condition of your leather goods will make all difference in the long run.

Step 2: Applying Fiebing’s Leather Dubbin

Using a soft piece of cloth and gently rubbing the Dubbin into the leather. You don’t have to rub hard; it just takes a little elbow grease! Turn over to buff off any excess on the shoe or jacket. Make sure you use this product sparingly, as it contains beeswax and will leave an oily residue if used too much.

Step 3: Applying Dubbin Cream

Some leather goods have different surfaces, so you don’t want to apply the cream on both of them. Instead, you want to mark your cloth with dots and product it in one spot only. If you’re using a white cloth, make sure it doesn’t show any blemishes or stains from the cream! Make sure you rub it in really good to get nice and deep into the leather.

Step 4: Drying Time

Now let’s talk about drying time. Some of your leather goods will need longer than others, but that all depends on what type of leather they are and how oily they are.

The most popular leather goods to apply dubbing cream or Dubbin is shoes and gloves. Most people are okay with leaving the cream on their leather goods overnight, but if you’re not comfortable with that, a good rule of thumb is to leave it on for 2 hours and allow them to sit out in the sun to complete the drying process.

Step 5: Storing Leather Goods

If you’re storing your leather goods over winter or just not going to wear them for a while, make sure that you put them away in an air-tight bag or box. That will prevent moisture from getting into the leather and causing mold growth. Always store your leather goods in a dark, cool place.

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