5 Ways Leather Protects Motorcyclists (Explained)

Leather is a important part of a motorbike rider, for safety and practical reasons. It may just save your life from the cold or from a fall.

Here Is 5 Ways Leather Will Protect A Motorcyclist:

Leather protects in 5 ways and this includes the wind, cold, waterproofs, and is more protective than regular clothing. and from nasty accidents on the road.

We will be discussing the 5 ways leather will benefit you while you are riding your motorbike, and if you are not wearing them why you should be. Thanks for reading.

How Leather Clothing And Accessories Will Protect A Motorcyclist

Protecting oneself from the elements is a huge part of riding a motorcycle. While weather protection is prevalent, leather has other benefits that make it the best material for motorcycle gear.

Protects Against Wind

The wind is a big factor when it comes to motorcycle riding. Wearing normal clothing and riding doesn’t work as the wind is very piercing as you are riding along the road, the rush of the wind can make your skin go numb.

It has been known that many riders have experienced hyperthermia, frostbite or worse case scenario death from not wearing enough clothing while riding as the wind removes your body heat.

Wearing a leather jacket, vest and pants and gloves will help block the wind penetrating your skin. The leather itself acts as a barrier between the motorcyclist and the wind which is flying at you at huge miles per hour.

It is worth to note that you should make sure your leather is waterproof with a barrier cream to help it protect against the wind and the rain.

Protects Against Cold

You might not realize this, but leather is one of the warmest natural materials. It does a great job at repelling water and oil. This makes it the best material for motorcycle riding.

So many countries experience icy cold weather from United States to Europe. If you live in these places then wearing leather gear on your bike is a must to keep you warm and survive the riding trip.

Dry: Snow and rain can come a pon you very quickly, and leather is able to protect motorists because of it’s ability to insulate the body from the cold and water.

Warm: Leather is warm as it is made from cowhide. It is advisable to wear warm clothing underneath your leather jacket as this will keep your body even warmer.

Better Protection Than Regular Clothing:

Regular clothing consists of cotton, wool, jeans and synthetic materials, in which most of these will not protect you against rain or snow. Leather has the ability of protection as riding in the cold can be a tough process to endure.

Protects Against Accidents:

Leather vests, jackets, pants and boots are the most common motorcycle clothing. These protective wear will protect you (the rider) from injuries in case of a crash.

The leather clothing shields you from injuries that can be caused by flying debris, stones and other sharp objects. Welding splatter, acid splash and slag can also damage your clothing, but wearing leather offers great resistance to these elements.

In any major accident where you fall from your bike the leather clothing e.g jacket or pants will absorb some of the impact of the fall. In any major accident your body will slide along the road and the leather will provide a barrier between the road and your skin. Riding with any other type of clothing will not give you the protection that leather does.


The best way to make sure your leather jacket or pants are waterproof is to make sure you have a great:

Conditioner: Leather needs to be conditioned to become waterproof. You need to make sure your jacket, gloves and pants have a application of beeswax polish before you go riding. You need to apply thoroughly to the leather and this will place a barrier coating onto the leather.

Waterproof Spray: I you don’t want to use a beeswax conditioner, waterproof spray is a alternative to be used on your riding gear. Spray a thin layer over the leather surface and this will give a waterproofing effect.

Waterproofing is essential to keep all items waterproofed in the snow or rain. If you do not complete this, the water will soak through the leather and will not keep your body dry while you are riding.

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