7 Ways Tan Leather Car Seats Do Stain (Plus Fix)

Tan coloured seats are considered a light brown colour, and there can be different shades of tan, so it is not just one colour. Just like white colour leather, tan can also stain and show marks and dirt on them.

Here Are 7 Ways Tan Leather Car Seats Do Stain:

Stains and marks can show up on tan leather seats. This is normally due to:
Incorrect Leather Conditioner
Incorrect Cleaners

Read below if you want to know how the above stains effect tan seats and how you can clean up any stains from your seats. I am sure you will find this informative and helpful.

Ways Tan Leather Car Seats Stain


Most tan leather car seats are made to be stain-resistant, but they do contain some potassium hydroxide. When you spill water on your tan seat, this chemical is released and reacts with the skin’s natural sugars to release a brown dye.

The colour of the seat may vary depending on the amount of time It is exposed to sunlight. However, if you are trying to keep your car looking brand new or give it a fresh coat of paint or varnish in one sitting, you will need to remove the water stains before doing anything else.


If you have ever been eating and noticed a large spot of something your food stole from the table, chances are it was from your newly acquired tan leather car seat. Leather, in particular, is porous and therefore absorbs food, including those you may spill on it as you eat.

Therefore, food left on a tan leather car seat will darken the leather and cause stains. While some people might be able to wipe away stains that happen during an average meal, if you had something acidic or sugary on your hand before sitting down and then ate the food without noticing that spot, odds are it is permanent.


The pores of the tan leather car seats absorb liquid well, so it is easy for liquids to get inside them. That can cause problems when you spill your drink while driving or if someone spills their drink on your seat. Once the liquid seeps into the pores of the leather, it will keep flowing and not evaporate as quickly as on fabric surfaces because there are fewer tiny spaces for air circulation to happen in (such as between cells).

Alcohol will stain a tan leather faster than it would any other colour of seating material due to the pH levels in this type of material being different than other colours. Like chocolate sauce or coffee, other substances can also quickly leave behind stains on tan leather seats

Incorrect Leather Conditioner

The leather conditioner has been the go-to for leather care for years. It is a must-have for those who want to maintain a beautiful, healthy, and clean leather product. However, many people have noticed that after applying an incorrect conditioner to their leather seats, their seats fade and become blotchy.

That is because tan leather is an opposite process than dark brown leather; tan does not easily retain moisture, and light stains are easy to see. The chemical reaction in tan lotions pulls out the natural oils in your seat’s skin, leading to premature aging and more spots on your seat.


If you have kids in your car, there is a good chance that they are not always attending to the cleanliness of the upholstery. Children can easily leave stains on your car seats, from spilled smoothies to dropped ice cream cones. However, these stains do not only happen when children are hungry or when their body fluids contain food coloring! Some of the primary ways that kids stain tan leather seats include:

i. Playing in the dirt (especially after rainy days with mud)
ii. Storing Food in Car Seats (such as snacks, lunches, and other food items. Even baby food can stain the seats)
iii. Dropping Ice Cream on Tan Leather Seats (and then eating it too)
iv. Water, soda, and juice spills
v. Spilled drinks


If you are a pet owner or love spending lots of time in the car, it is a well-known fact that your seats can become stained. Sometimes the stains come with tears and spills, but sometimes they are caused by your furry friends!

Most pet owners will tell you that even if their pets have been house trained, they still seem to pee in their cars. That happens more often when your pet has an upset stomach or diarrhea. When this happens, it is not just a mess, but it may also stain your leather car seats.

Incorrect Cleaners

Tan leather car seats stain incorrect cleaners because the cleaning agents themselves are designed to remove materials like oil and water-based stains. For example, many of today’s fine car care products are formulated with a polymer that can break down oils, but they are ineffective on dirt and powdered residue.

Also, as you might know, traditional car care products often contain abrasives that can scratch or wear away the paint and clear coat finishes of cars. These include brushes that come in contact with wet paint, automotive clay bars, and other tools used in auto detailing work environments.

In addition to paints and finishes, some car care products contain strong solvents that dissolve materials like grease, oil, and waxes that can get on your leather car seats.

As the molecules of these substances interact with the cleaning agents, they form a sticky residue. You need to be careful when shopping for cleaners at your local department store or retailer; some of them may contain ingredients that damage your two-tone upholstery.

Ways To Fix Tan Leather Car Seat Stains

Pre treating Your Car With Baking Soda And Salt:

Baking soda will help break down any stains on the surface of your leather seats. Because of this, It is a necessity for those who have stains around the edges.

Take about a half cup of baking soda and mix it with a cup of water. Then, use either a brush or cloth to begin scrubbing the area. You will want to scrub it for at least five minutes.

Once your leather is nice and clean from the soda and water, you should rinse off the area with a wet rag or towel. Afterward, you should wipe it dry with another cloth or rag.

Using Vinegar

If you would like to use some vinegar in your cleaning process, add one cup of white vinegar to two cups of water. Use this mixture over your wet rag or towel as you would soapy water when trying to clean mild stains out of white leather car seats.

Cleansing With Soap

You will need to mix a solution of one part water and one part soap (pH balanced). You should apply that to your car seat using a soapy rag or towel. You should add more soap or water as needed.

When you are finished scrubbing, rinse the area well with water. Afterward, wipe your seat dry with a clean rag or towel.

Lemon Juice On Stains

For stubborn stains, rub lemon juice onto the stained area of your leather car seat. Let it sit overnight and wash off in the morning with lots of water.

Alternatively, mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of dishwashing soap to create a mild cleaning solution. Apply this solution directly to any leather or vinyl surface and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing off with lots of water.

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