5 Reasons Why Alligator Leather Is Top Notch (Explained)

Alligator leather is used in so many brands worldwide because of it’s unique look and durability it has. It is also considered better than crocodile which makes it more appealing to the eye.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Alligator Leather Is Top Notch:

Alligator leather is considered superior in the field of leather because:

It is considered better than normal leather (durability and heat retention)
It is really long lasting
Better than crocodile leather

If you are thinking of purchasing a item with alligator leather than below we have listed all of the wonderful benefits of using alligator leather for your next bag or designer piece.

Reasons Why Alligator Leather Is Great

Better Than Normal Leather

Durability – Alligator skin is much more durable than average animal skin simply because its fibers are stronger. Alligator skin can endure wear and tear from heat, water, and everyday use.

It can also remain flexible in cold weather by maintaining its shape and size. When buying a regular animal skin leather product, you need to ensure it is properly conditioned and will last for a considerable amount of time for it to be worth your money. The price of an alligator skin product is much lower than other types of leather; therefore, you need to put in more effort to ensure it lasts for a long time.

Heat Retention: Alligator skin can hold heat better than regular animal skin. For example, your typical winter coat made from normal cowhide needs to be broken out in the summer for you to stay warm.

However, an alligator jacket does not require the same treatment because its fibber’s are much longer. Alligator leather can retain its shape without losing its intensity or form when exposed to large amounts of heat.

Breathable: Alligator skin is naturally resistant to bacteria. It also means that your alligator leather products are less likely to spread disease to you or others who use them. You will not have to buy deodorant to keep your skin clean.

Embroidery: : Embroidery on alligator leather is much more durable because its fibers are thicker than normal animal skin. That gives it more strength and toughness for the small spot sizes at which it is embroidered. The material’s sturdiness makes embroidery much more durable, yet it also produces a stunning look to the finished product.

Proper care: Alligator skin is easily cared for by professionals. No need to de-tan your leather, wax it or forget about it after a while. Alligator leather can be cleaned easily and professionally because it has a higher tolerance for water and heat than animal skin.

That means that the manufacturer can ensure that the quality of the alligator product will indeed last for an extended period. The higher quality that you get from an alligator product means that you can keep your leather jacket looking new even after years of use.

Long lasting

Alligator leather is long lasting since it is less likely to crack and break than other leather types.

The collagen in alligator skin is tough enough to stand up against the strongest resistive forces, such as pressure and heat. That means that the toughness and hardness of alligator skin are unequaled by other types of leather.

The durability of alligator skin is further bolstered by the fact that it does not tend to oxidize (turn yellow) as easily, which means it will not dry out or discolor as quickly. In addition to its durability, it is deal for use with products that are meant to be washed repeatedly – such as handbags and purses.

Waterproof (When Using Leather Conditioner)

Leather is meant to be worn with the help of a conditioner, which is why so many people wear leather jackets instead of conventional flimsy cotton coats.

Even though alligator skin has been gifted with a durable, water-resistant coating, you are better off wearing it with a leather conditioner than without one. It is this way because leather conditioners are there to soften and smooth the grain of each strand of hair that your jacket or bag carries in abundance.

While alligator skin is thick enough to prevent rain from penetrating through, it is not as thick as regular leathers. This is why it requires more conditioning than most other types of leather do. Conditioners smooth out the grain of your leather so that a water-resistant coating can easily move through every strand. Because of this, it is recommended that you wear your alligator skin with a good leather conditioner.

This is especially important when you are doing things like camping or spending time in damp, rainy weather. When you have a leather conditioner on your alligator skin, the water-resistant coating will not have as much work to do, which means it will last a lot longer!


The structure of alligator skin is strong because of its collagen fibers, which connect and hold the skin together. Alligator leather uses a similar but stronger nylon fiber system: two types of nylon are used, and one is dyed with a special dye to create the differences in color between the two types. The leather is dyed randomly, which helps stop the fibers from being eaten by bacteria.

These collagen fibers give alligator skin a powerful tensile strength and resistance to corrosion, allowing it to be preserved for an amazingly long time. This “tensile strength” means that it does not tear or break when the material contracts, making it incredibly strong.

Alligator skin is not only strong and durable because of this collagen system, but it is also extremely soft and flexible. The skin is lined with a thin layer of fat, which cushions the skin’s fibers. This layer of fat also allows the animal to shed heat when it is cold, keeping it from dehydrating. That is similar to maintaining your temperature by adding insulating layers when you are cold.

Better Than Crocodile Leather

Alligator leather is 100% guaranteed cruelty-free

Alligators are bred on farms and are not subjected to unnecessary stress or fear, which traps or guns can cause. On crocodile farms, the animals are subjected to both of these things and sometimes even die of a heart attack due to fear. Alligators are slaughtered humanely and do not suffer as much as their counterparts.

The alligator farmers also provide excellent conditions for their animals, ensuring their comfort throughout their lives, resulting in high-quality products.

Alligator leather is thicker and has more scales than the crocodile’s

Another point worth mentioning is that alligator skin has more scales than a crocodile’s skin. Scales are what give the leather its strength and durability as soon as it is processed, so having more of them guarantees a stronger product in the end.

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