7 Reasons Why Leather Sneakers Are Great Running Shoes

Leather is used for all types of shoes and this includes running sneakers due to it’s great quality. Many sneakers you see on people are actually made from leather and are more common than you think.

Here are Why Leather Sneakers Are Great Running Shoes:

Leather sneakers are good for running because they are a better quality material than synthetic, are more comfortable to wear, are better for your feet and conform to the shape of your feet.

The other reasons are that long lasting and durable, better than canvas sneakers and are excellent for running. These reasons make it a obvious choice for your next pair of running shoes.

Through this article we will discuss the 7 reasons why you should wear a pair of leather sneakers for running, and you will see why it would be a good investment for you.

Reasons Why Leather Sneakers Are Great Running Shoes

The range of sneakers advertised for running consists of many different materials, though leather is one of the most popular. This is because leather is such a strong and reliable material that will only improve your running routine. There are many other reasons why leather sneakers are great running shoes and why they should be your first choice listed below.

They Are Better Than Synthetic Sneakers

Real leather is superior to synthetic leather because it is the real thing, so you’ll be able to see and feel all the benefits of having genuine leather sneakers. The main differences that you’ll notice are the strength, flexibility and durability of real leather, which is made from different animals hides.

Synthetic leather, on the other hand, is made from a plastic base that is then treated with wax, which will give synthetic sneakers a harder, more artificial feeling.

Genuine leather will also last longer because it is so much stronger, which is ideal if you are someone who enjoys running on a regular basis. Synthetic sneakers are more likely to fall apart from the outdoor elements and constant wear, which means that you’ll have to spend more money replacing them.

Leather is a more expensive material, but you may find yourself actually spending more money on synthetic sneakers over time due to having to buy extra pairs as replacements.

The soles of leather sneakers will feel more solid and thick due to the strength of the real material as well, though they’ll also mold well to your feet after you break them in. You might find that synthetic leather sneakers feel more comfortable initially, but this is because fake leather doesn’t have the thickness and durability of real leather, so breaking in leather sneakers is still the preferable option.

Real leather sneakers will support your feet and allow you to tackle several different running routes, helping you to avoid the stress of your synthetic sneakers potentially breaking every time you go out.

They Are Comfortable

Leather is known to be stiff at first, but once you have broken it in, you’ll find it an incredibly comfortable material to wear. If you plan to run several times a week for regular exercise, you’ll need comfortable shoes that will support your feet and allow them to move freely.

The quality of real leather is evident in its thickness, which will offer some extra padding between your feet and the ground, ensuring that you don’t feel any stones or other bumps under your feet as you run.

Leather softens up as it starts to get used to the shape of your feet, so you’ll find it an extremely comfortable material for running. The increased flexibility of leather over time doesn’t threaten its strength either because the material is durable enough to resist easy damage.

And you’ll find that the heightened flexibility makes your leather sneakers even better for running because your feet won’t feel constrained or tight in any way.

They Are Better For Your Feet

Leather is one of the best materials to wear on your feet because of all its comfort and strength benefits.

You don’t want to wear sneakers made out of a flimsy material for running because the ground outside and varying weather conditions will start to wear away at them and could cause the soles to rip. A stronger material like leather will keep your feet comfortable, safe and dry as you explore different terrain.

The shoes that you wear, both for exercise and for simple everyday activities, are far more important for your health than a lot of people realise. Wearing an unreliable or very weak material on your feet could cause you to get back pain from lack of support or foot pain from close contact with the uneven ground outside.

Leather is an excellent material to choose for sneakers because the soles are thick enough to support your back and shield your feet.

Wearing unreliable sneakers could also cause you to trip or stumble more easily, which could cause you to get injured. The resistant quality of leather means that leather sneakers are more likely to have a firmer grip, so you won’t need to be ultra-cautious with every move you make.

You will see the benefits of leather sneakers and their grip particularly when it is raining or when you run on more uneven ground.

They Are Good For Running

It sounds obvious, but you should always make sure that your running shoes are good for running before you buy them.

Leather is recommended for running shoes because it can handle all the different physical and environmental elements that your sneakers will be put through, as well as being flexible enough to support your feet rather than restrain them.

Materials that soften up with wear like leather does are perfect for running because you shouldn’t get any blisters or feel like the shoes are rubbing or pinching at your feet.

Leather is also a breathable material, so your feet won’t feel as hot and sweaty during your running session. You should air out your sneakers after running anyway, but you’ll feel like you can run for longer when you’re wearing breathable shoes that keep your feet from overheating.

The fact that leather is thick enough to offer optimal support and protection, but also breathable enough to get rid of moisture caused by perspiration makes it ideal for running shoes that will be worn and worked vigorously for regular exercise.

They Are Long-lasting And Durable

If you care for them, a pair of leather sneakers could last for years and years without much obvious wear and tear, which makes them perfect for running because you won’t want to be breaking in new sneakers every few months.

Leather shoes are long-lasting because of their amazing durability. Leather will resist rain, wind, bumpy ground and other environmental elements, though you should always clean them and give them space to dry afterwards.

Once you get used to running in a pair of shoes, you won’t want to change them out, so a pair of long-lasting leather sneakers are a great choice. You’ll be able to slip them on and leave the house straightaway to complete your running without worrying about potentially damaging them.

Of course, even leather sneakers can become damaged over time, but they are a much more durable option than any other materials out there that are often flimsier and weaker.

They Conform To The Shape Of Your Feet

Leather sneakers start out a bit stiff and set in their shape, but you can break them in fairly easily by wearing them a few times.

You should start by wearing them for walking because you don’t want to start running in shoes that aren’t quite used to the shape of your feet yet. Once you start to break the sneakers in and feel them become softer and more flexible, you’ll be ready to start running.

The more that you wear leather sneakers, the more comfortable they will become as they conform to the shape of your feet. As the material stretches to accommodate your feet, the sneakers shouldn’t feel tight at all.

Shoes that have adapted to your feet are the best to wear for exercise because you need to give your feet the freedom to move around, as opposed to having them feel really stiff and straight every time you run.

They Are Better Than Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers are nice to look at, but they are not proper running shoes, so you should always choose leather sneakers over the canvas alternative.

Canvas simply isn’t as resistant as leather and it isn’t as waterproof either, so it is more likely to become torn or have excess water seep through to your feet. Keep in mind that when you run, you are putting your shoes through the same amount of strain as your body.

Canvas sneakers also tend to have thinner soles, which means that they don’t provide the same amount of stability for your feet and back as leather sneakers do.

Even if you aren’t a regular runner, you need footwear that provides as much support and padding as possible because otherwise you might strain your muscles or fall over. Running might also ruin the soles of your canvas sneakers quite quickly by eroding the material.

If you do want to own a pair of canvas sneakers as well, you should definitely save them for every day casual wear or even for going on some walks, but always stick to real leather sneakers for running.

Canvas sneakers are light and comfortable to wear, but they won’t feel comfortable when you are running because they simply aren’t thick or durable enough.

You’ll feel an extra level of comfort when you run in leather sneakers because the soles are supportive and the sides of the shoes will adapt to the shape of your feet, protecting them in a way that sneakers made of other materials will not.

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