Best Guide To Waterproofing Your Leather Hat

Leather hats need caring for as they are worn in the elements being the sun and rain. If you own one or are going to buy one then it is imperative that you waterproof and look after it.

Here Is Why You Should Waterproof Your Hat:

There is some care involved in sealing and waterproofing the leather hat. This includes picking out a beeswax polish which will protect the leather from any rain or bad weather.

There is a lot more to this topic, so let’s delve into exactly what to do so you can have a hat that will last you for years.

Are Leather Hats Waterproof?

Leather hats are definitely considered a fashionable item. However, when you buy something practical like a hat, you want it to both look great and stand up well no matter where you wear it.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to find a hat that will remain intact during the rain, unless the hat is specifically designed to be waterproof, and leather hats are no exception.

The majority of faux leathers are indeed waterproof, but real leather requires extra protection. Any real leather product, like a couch, a jacket, or a pair of shoes, needs to be looked after and protected from the elements, and the same applies to a leather hat.

You can make a leather hat waterproof, but the material alone will not keep you dry. Though fairly durable, leather will not fare well in the rain without proper additional waterproofing. Without you taking extra action, a leather hat will not be waterproof.

Can You Wear A Leather Hat In The Rain?

You can wear a leather hat in the rain, but if you choose not to weatherproof it yourself then it will more than likely get damaged. You should be fine to wear a leather hat in light rain as long as you leave it hung up properly to dry afterwards, but heavy rain will not be good for the material.

Try to avoid wearing a leather hat in the rain if you can. If you do need to wear it out in bad weather then try to limit the number of times you do because getting a leather hat wet constantly will damage the material. Should the rain cause damage to your hat, you will have to spend extra money replacing it, so try not to wear it in the rain if you can avoid it.

Do Leather Hats Get Ruined In The Rain?

The amount of damage that you do to a leather hat in the rain depends on how wet it gets and how many times you wear it. Light rain shouldn’t cause any lasting damage, though you’ll need to adequately dry it off. But heavy rain will ruin a leather hat.

If you haven’t proofed your hat against water and weather then it will absorb the rain, which will cause the shape of the leather to completely distort.

Your hat won’t look as good, the color may fade, and it may even develop mold and start to rot. So it is definitely in your best interest to protect your leather hat from the rain, otherwise it will get ruined.

You can purchase lots of different waterproofing products to make your leather hat wearable in the rain.

If you are struggling to find something immediately then you should wear a jacket hood over the hat, or remove it and put it in your bag (or under your coat) until you are under cover from the rain again. Water poses one of the biggest risks to a leather hat.

Can You Wear A Leather Cowboy Hat In The Rain?

Though they have a strong reputation behind them, cowboy hats are actually quite fragile and require gentle care to keep them looking their best. So, you should try to avoid wearing them in the rain because, as with any leather hat, the material may become discoloured or misshapen.

Some cowboy hats can be worn in the rain because the manufacturer has treated them with oils and waxes prior to selling them. This offers a layer of protection, though it is still recommended that you waterproof it yourself as well every time before going out in the rain.

Leather is fairly breathable, but it can still get ruined by excessive water absorption.

Whether or not you can wear a leather cowboy hat in the rain depends mostly on the retailer. Some will market their hats as water repellent’, whereas others will recommend that you avoid getting the hat wet at all costs.

This is true of every style of leather hat, but cowboy hats in particular can be expensive, so you don’t want to risk anything damaging them.

If you do want a cowboy hat that can be confidently worn in the rain then you should go for a felt one.

Of course, excessive rain will be bad for this material too, but it is less likely to cause the long-term damage that a leather hat would retain. Although, if a leather cowboy hat is your dream, you can treat it with a waterproofing product to keep it in good shape.

How Do You Condition A Leather Hat?

Though they look tough, you need to be gentle when caring for your leather hat and make sure that you are using the right products.

You can buy products called leather conditioners’ which are made of a natural blend of waxes and oils, though they can also be creams. These products are designed to waterproof, soften and rejuvenate leather items to keep them in optimal condition and stop the leather from cracking or drying out.

Leather waxes are the essential product for waterproofing a hat and oils will work to soften the material.

Your leather hat will be protected from the rain and you’ll also notice the improvement of any cracks, scratches or dryness. By simply locking in moisture, a conditioner will keep the material of your leather hat young and dry.

To condition a hat, make sure that it is clean of any grime or dirt by brushing or wiping it down carefully. If you use a damp cloth to clean any dirt off the hat then wait for the leather to completely dry before you condition it, otherwise the conditioner won’t be absorbed properly by the material.

When choosing a leather conditioner, check to make sure it is the right type for the leather you want to condition. You should try to do a spot test with the conditioner on an unnoticeable place on something leather, just in case it causes any discoloration. Once you are satisfied with the product, you can use it on your leather hat.

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