Why Are Leather Bags Expensive? (5 Facts)

Leather is one of the best materials and is the most popular when it come to leather bags.

This is why all of the most expensive brands in the world mainly use leather as it lasts (and looks good). This includes Gucci, Prada and many more.

Here Is Why Leather Bags Are Expensive:

Really no other material compares when making a handbag, leather is the best as the material is durable and long lasting and comes in great colours. This is why all of the most famous designers mainly use leather as their material of choice e.g Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into why leather bags are worth it.

Why Are Leather Bags Expensive?

Leather is a premium material, which is why it comes with a premium price tag.

Leather bags are most often from designer brands as well, which makes them more expensive than non-designer bags. Price tags reflect the look, quality and brand of a product.

The cost of a material depends on its durability, where it comes from, how long it takes to make into the product, and the process of how it is treated and made.

Leather is a raw material that takes a lot of work to turn into sellable products. The process includes tanning, soaking, fleshing, and liming, and those are just a few of the steps.

Leather has to be treated very carefully to ensure that it is properly crafted into a bag, and the more detailed the bag, the more extensive the process.

Handcrafting a leather bag takes a lot of time and talent, so the expense incorporates this too. But when you buy an expensive leather bag, you’ll know that the quality is assured.

Are Leather Bags Worth It And Why?

You might be apprehensive about spending a lot of money at once on a single product, but a leather bag is definitely worth it.

They come in plenty of different colours and styles, so you should be able to find one that matches your taste.

One thing that might put you off is caring for the bag because it will need attention to keep it in the best condition possible.

However, a good quality leather bag will have its own layers of resistance against typical everyday wear and tear, so you’ll mostly just need to use a soft cloth to clean over the material and air it out properly, especially if it gets wet.

Some retailers sell leather sprays and conditioners, so these can also be used to keep your leather looking good. But leather bags are worth it because they last and they also look good as they age.

You may notice the material wearing or fading a bit, but it shouldn’t spoil the overall look of the bag.

Why Is Leather Good For Bags?

Leather is good for making bags because it is incredibly strong and resistant.

Faux leather is a lot cheaper, but it doesn’t last as long, so you’ll end up buying more bags if you choose not to buy real leather. Not only that, but the material also looks fantastic.

You are more likely to buy something expensive because you intend it to last, so leather should be the first material you consider for a bag. Fabric bags (and other materials) also look nice, but they are a lot less durable.

If you want the bag to become a staple of your everyday routine, choose a leather bag for guaranteed quality, care, and craftsmanship.

How Long Will A Leather Bag Last?

A good leather bag is a solid investment. This is because leather bags, due to their durable material, will last for a long time. If it is pristinely stored away and regularly oiled, a real leather bag can last for 30 years or more

However, if you buy a leather bag then you’ll likely want to get lots of uses out of it. Of course, taking care of the bag is still important, but the lifespan will be shortened a bit by the rate of use.

Different types of leather that are used to make bags also have different lifespans, but a good leather bag should last between 5 and 10 years.

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